Stop snoring with Good Niter

Benefits of Good Niter

  • Works on the first night.
  • Reduces soft tissue vibrations, which cause the snoring.
  • Herbal formula - risk-free and suitable for long-term use.
  • Quiet nights of sleep for bed partners & roommates.
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use, discrete
  • One package provides 170 silent nights.
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Price: € 42.00

What is Good Niter?

Good Niter is an anti-snoring mouth spray that helps people stop snoring. Tired of losing sleep? Good Niter could be the solution for you.

How does Good Niter work?

The active ingredients in the essential blend are herbs and oils. This means that Good Niter is safe and you can use it as long as you wish without risking side effects. The formula works to treat the issues that cause snoring. Good Niter can help hydrate your throat, reduce soft tissue vibrations and phlegm, improve the muscle tone of the structures in your mouth and throat, and decrease inflammation - all of which can contribute to snoring.

Peppermint oil extract

Lemon Balm extract

Sagе extract

Hyaluronic acid a

Vitamin E

Easy to use

The Good Niter Spray is very easy to use. Shake the bottle and then spray into the mouth 1 tо 3 times. Do it towards the back of your throat, then swallow. That's all. Enjoy a quieter night’s sleep!